Customer Testimonials

I wanted to get away from the ever increasing cost of heating with oil and cooling with window unit air conditioners. The same day i called Jay he came by my house to spec out my house and the options I had for heating a cooling. He decided that the best option was to install two Mitsubishi Ductless units, one a wall mount in the living room and the other a ceiling mount in our hallway. I was very impressed by the efficiency and professionalism throughout the entire install, which took only a day and a half. Jay's pricing was extremely competitive and I am happy knowing I have someone i can trust for future projects. We have since cut our heating a cooling costs more than in half! The mini splits are an amazing product and you will not be disappointed if you decide to add them to your home. I am confident recommending Jay to all my friends and family after seeing first hand his experience and expertise. I have been using the system Jay installed exclusively for the last year and could not be happier! No more oil, no more crazy electric bills for A/C! Thank you Jay!

John K- Groton, CT
My name is Krystina Benson, I have been a property manager since 2001.  Managing 148 residential rental properties including single family homes, apartment buildings, and a mobile home park. 
Over the years we had experiences with many contracters. Some good, some bad.  Until 2007 I had a few HVAC companies I would call on to maintain, and provide emergency services for our various properties.   Again, some with good results and some with terrible results. 
In 2007 a one of my plumbers I commonly used and trusted recommended Jay Millas.  Taking his word, but again with caution, I called Jay to look at one of our boilers.  He was very pleasant, professional, and gave a fair quote.  So I did hire him to do the job.  He completed it on time as he said he would, and cleaned up the site completely  ( which if you run properties  you know that doesn't often happen).  So I felt a little impressed.  
A few weeks later I had an emergency situation with a boiler in the middle of winter that affected multiple tenants.  I tried our on call providers I normally used, and was unable to reach anyone.  So my final call was to Jay Millas, I got his voicemail,  and he called me back within 5 minutes..... happily to my surprise.   He came right out, I met him at the property and he worked on a Friday night until nearly 11pm making sure everything was working properly.  He again was pleasant, and professional.   At that point I became very impressed with his dedication.  And to the day he is the only HVAC person/company I will call for cleanings and emergencies.
Jay Millas is very dedicated and will take the time to explain exactly what is going on with all the equipment, and I've always found his prices to be very fair. 
I would recommend him for any residential,  or commercial property.  He's one of the few contracters that holds to his word and will be completely upfront and honest with all the work he does. 
Krystina Benson 
Property manager 
860 885 4338
B.F.L Partnership
Sunnywaters Mobile Home Park
Charles Benson LLC
To whom it may concern:
    I contacted Mr. Jay Millas to install a new gas heating / tankless water heater/air conditioning system to replace the existing fuel oil heating system.
Jay was very helpful explaining which was the most efficient equipment and  physical location. He also provide a complete estimate  of costs for each item and a total cost for the completed job. 
Jay was very timely and extremely neat with the installation, he took pride in his work. Jay finished the job on time and at the price originally quoted.
I would gladly recommended Jay Millas fully for any Heating/ AC work.   
                                               William S. Mitchell
                                               38 Courtland St.
                                               Pawcatuck, Ct.
Millas Heating and Cooling installed my commercial heating system.  As an engineer I had high expectations of this heating system.  I was very impressed with their work.  Jay Millas is an experienced and talented guy and was able to complete the install in a timely manner with right the first time success!  Everything worked perfectly!  What I really liked was when he called me back a couple of times over the weeks following the installation to see how the system was performing.  I highly recommend Millas Heating and Cooling!

Very satisfied,
Chris Pacheco
We moved our service to Millas having worked with Jay from years prior. When we had a small issue with our furnace we called Millas and Jay answered right away and quickly isolated the issue and walked us through how to remedy it.
He is quick to service his customers - he is honest - he is knowledge and he is really friendly. We are very happy with Millas H&C and highly recommend them.

Patrick McQuown- Mystic, CT

Few years ago my wife and I were renovating the heating/cooling system of our new (old) house. At that time I had  known Jay for a few years and I knew he was the guy to talk to. Not just because he was in the heating-cooling business, but also because his attention to detail and big picture take on the project was what we needed (cost projections, benefits and cons of several options, time of project etc, etc etc … ).  My wife and I ended up working with Jay on that project (geothermal system) where his set of skills plus extremely hard work made a difficult (to say the least) geothermal instal possible.  Since then (unfortunatelly) I only see Jay once in a while, because he is always working, always committed to make any installation a great masterpiece … no matter how small or how big. I can recommend Jay without hesitation.

Alejandro Cifuentes-Lorenzen