AC/Heat Pump Tune Up

(Recommended annually and/or bi annually depending on the application and/or location of equipment)

     Air conditioning systems are frequently ignored due to the lack of knowledge of the importance of regular preventative maintenance required by your equipment. The outdoor condensers are subject to constantly changing weather conditions which put a lot of stress on the units. Constant build up on the outdoor coil from pollen and lawn clippings can wreak havoc.  Build up on the condensing and evaporating coils can cause poor heat transfer and put extra stress on the compressor causing your equipment to run less efficiently and reduce the overall life span of the equipment. The indoor evaporator coil can be hindered by debris such as dust, pet hair and mold. 

All of these small things can add up to trouble if they're not addressed routinely. Here is a list of some of the common tune up practices we follow at Millas Heating & Cooling LLC.
- Removal of condensing fan motor and fan blade (typically the top of the unit)
- Clean compressor area inside condenser (removal of any debris)
- Clean electrical compartment (outdoor unit)

- Chemical treatment of indoor and outdoor condensing and evaporating coils
- Check blower on indoor unit for any debris build up
  (removal of blower for cleaning not covered under tune up)
- Check all electrical connections at indoor and outdoor unit
- Check refrigerant charge via superheat or sub-cool
- Test to ensure proper system operation 

Here are some examples of unmaintained air conditioning equipment!

Mold growing on an evaporator coil

Lawn clippings on a condensing coil

Pollen buildup on a condensing coil